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Our built environment matters. The construction and operation of buildings consumes nearly half of the energy we use. Structures that provide durable and safe shelter are as essential for our physical and  mental health as medical care. Well-conceived, skillfully crafted homes and workplaces can be a source of aesthetic satisfaction and even joy.

    At we intend to provide the clearest thinking we can muster about the vital work of the men and women who create our built environment. 

   David Gerstel, a veteran builder and respected construction industry author, will manage and edit the website as well as contribute articles.  

  We will also feature interviews with and articles by other building professionals who wish to share their ideas. 

   If you would like to contribute a post or article, suggest a topic for one, or comment on an existing post, please contact us using the form on the Contact page. 


POLICY REGARDING COMMENTS: Please send any comments via the form of the Contacts page. We welcome and look forward to publishing constructive comments on any of the ideas in our articles. Attacks on individuals or groups will not be published. We reserve the right to reject comments and other submissions at our sole discretion and to delete any promotion of other websites or of products and services. If submissions need more than copy editing, we will contact the author before publishing them. We will publish only comments or other submissions that are clear and concise and that we feel are worth the attention of our readers.  

POLICY REGARDING PRODUCTS: Other than for his own books and services, David Gerstel will not accept compensation for presenting products or services. They will be recommended only because they have merit, not to financially benefit David Gerstel. 


David Gerstel is available on a limited basis as a:



    Expert witness

Please use the contact form on the last page of this website to ask David about any of the services listed above.

David Gerstel is a carpenter, builder, and author

David Gerstel is a carpenter, builder, and author